Creating FI

With the Medium experiment over I'm working on overhauling the website. As a result, there is going to be a short break in posting as I smooth out the theme, and plugins. 

The first series of returning posts will explore Minimalism and how it can play a part in the life of an independent creator. Join up to the mailing list and you won't miss a post!


Live, Make, FI Principles

I’ve previously discussed why I wanted to start this publication about lifestyle and personal finance for creators in my Start Here post. This time I want to dig down into the basic principles behind the lifestyle that I want to achieve for myself and other creators, and provide a personal case study in the opt-in at the bottom.

Many independent creators (writers, programmers, musicians, game developers etc.) find themselves crushed under life’s responsibilities and their side incomes peaking below a sustainable level. There are some broad areas that we can take control of to create the lives we want.

  • Live
  • Make
  • FI (Financial Independance)


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What’s your Mohawk?

Once upon a time I didn’t have a mohawk, but then last week I got one. This has been something I’ve wanted for a super long time, but just never really pulled the trigger on.

I’ve always been concerned about my appearances effect on my potential job prospects. Recently though things kind of clicked regarding my day job and path to financial independence.

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Cutting pills, the cost of addiction

A little while back I wrote about quest to go caffeine and alcohol free from now to (at least) the end of 2017: Unfiltered365

A lot of us creatives and financial independence (FI) seekers envision ourselves raging through caffeine fueled creative benders, and then later ruminating over one of our favorite alcoholic beverages.

But what is the cost?

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Keep your filthy morals out of my portfolio!+?

Earlier this week I was Reviewing my peer to peer (P2P) loan portfolio  and it got me thinking about a friend who has chosen not to invest in them for moral reasons.

I also see this question or stance come up somewhat commonly amongst the personal investing circle. So today let’s look at some arguments to help you decide how to answer a question that even if fleeting everyone thinks about.

Should I invest in companies or industry that I am morally opposed to?

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Challenge: Your brain on nothing? #Unfiltered365

I’m constantly experimenting with my habits, in an effort to chase some transcendent state of “feeling good”.

One of these more necessary experiments I started was to stop drinking alcohol for a year. It’s been a pretty rough go, but has given me the time to realize how greatly my mood is altered by it: even after days have passed.

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Why I bought Fincon ticket before my domain

Some of you who personally know me, are aware that I purchased my ticket to Fincon Expo (Financial Bloggers Convention) before I even owned this domain name.

That might seem kind of crazy, but it was actually pretty thought out. I’m very dedicated to the idea of obtaining Financial Independence, and community is a massive part of what I’m missing.

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